Mint Emotes as NFTs

Let's create an Emote NFT together.
Detailed Guide to help you Mint your Emote as an NFT.
If you're unfamiliar with minting and Web3 in general we invite you to read our marketplace Q&A page.


Step 1

After creating your emote, select the 'Save As' option in the Top Tab of the Studio & choose the 'Save as NFT Emote.'

Step 2

Read the instructions and proceed to select the 'Next step' option.

Step 3

Choose the icon for your NFT and select the 'Next step' option.

Step 4

Confirm the Icon of the NFT & select the 'Next step' option.

Step 5

If you like the final animation, select the 'Next step' option to proceed to validate the Emote.
If you are unhappy, select the 'Edit' option & proceed to edit it.

Step 6

Name your Emote NFT and write a brief description of the animation.
After selecting the 'Mint' option, you'll see a wallet pop-up where you must confirm the transaction.
If you need help with connecting your Wallet, please check How to connect Wallet?

Congratulations! You have minted an NFT

If you need any help, please reach out to us at [email protected].